Selling your property is not an easy job. Having great preparation can make your open house tour stand out from the rest. Make sure that every detail of your house is well organized as well as you (as host of the house tour) should be ready to showcase your home to potential buyers. 

here are the ways to make your open house stand out: 

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

When it comes to gaining attention for an impending event, social media may be quite useful. Begin by posting a countdown to the open house on social media weeks or a month before the open house tour. Use eye-catching photographs that highlight the home’s best attributes, such as an upgraded kitchen or a spacious garden. Take it a step further by using Facebook’s Live feature to give fans a behind-the-scenes tour of the inside.

2. Capture the Ordinary

Even with a splash of color, the traditional listing images might get old after a while. The wide-angle photographs of each room are the same in every listing. If you want your property to stand out in the minds of potential buyers, try varying the types of photos you use to sell it. Wide-angle photographs show how areas might be organized, but they rarely elicit an emotional response from viewers. Consider having lifestyle images taken of the home ahead of time if you want potential buyers to feel attached to it and flock to your open house.

3. Bring a plethora of knowledge to the table.

Prospects look to you for advice on everything from the home’s market worth to the finest place to take a bite to eat. In other words, you must be ready to answer a slew of questions that will be thrown your way. Improve your local expertise by including lenders, storage providers, handymen, and furniture retailers in your house purchase information. Knowing a little bit about a lot can serve as an anecdote for breaking down walls and establishing rapport.

4. Make a valuable contribution.

At open houses, the most popular leaving gifts are listing fliers and business cards. They’re functional, but they’re lacking in terms of value. Because the majority of serious buyers will visit numerous open houses throughout a weekend, the stacks of business cards will almost certainly end up in the dustbin. Instead, give them a gift with their names on it, such as magnets, bottle openers, or chip clips. A useful gift is far more likely to be kept for a longer amount of time.

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